Covid-19 has shut down our businesses and harmed Virginia’s economy. As a small business owner and financial advisor, Mike has unique insight into how we must recover, rebuild and reenergize Virginia’s economy. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy – unfortunately, the current administration in Richmond has chosen to hinder reopening for too long. One of Mike’s first priorities in Richmond will be to fully reopen Virginia for business again. Our laws need to incentivize a thriving economy and encourage entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth.

Mike has two school-aged children and knows how critical allowing school choice is for all Virginians. Right now, our students’ education has all but been ground to a halt; their mental health, social development, and academic progress have suffered. Moreover, working parents have had to choose between putting dinner on the table or helping supplement their children’s
academic needs. In Richmond, Mike’s first action will be to reopen all Virginia schools, expand access to more school choice, and increase funding for trade and vocational training.

Mike’s wife is a physician, so he knows how vital access to quality, affordable healthcare is to Virginia families. In Richmond, his number one priority will be to lower drug prices, allow insurance to be sold across state lines, and cut through red tape to modernize the way we deliver health care in Virginia. It’s time to return decision making to families and their doctors.

It’s no secret that Hampton Roads is home to on-going road, highway, and bridge construction projects. These massive infrastructural projects have enormous budgets and the taxpayers deserve Delegates in Richmond that will provide responsible oversight to make sure these projects are completed on time and on budget. As your Delegate, Mike will ensure that the Hampton Roads transportation system is kept up to date and ready to service our region’s growing population. Mike is committed to keeping Hampton Roads moving because he knows a strong infrastructure is key to a strong economy.

Law enforcement and first responders are the unsung heroes that keep our neighborhoods and communities safe. Unfortunately, many in Richmond have called to defund the police. As Delegate, Mike will always back the brave men and women that sacrifice their lives for ours. Instead of defunding them, Mike will deliver additional resources, training, and always protect our men and women in law enforcement. The leadership and strength from our law enforcement and first responders is what continues to make Virginia a prime place for families to live.

Covid-19 has shut down our schools, closed main street, and halted our way of life. All the while, career politicians have weaponized Covid-19 to score cheap political points. As Delegate, Mike will ensure the vaccine is rolled out to every corner of the state, prioritize taking care of those who are most vulnerable, and prepare Virginia in case of future pandemics. The first step
to recovery begins by getting students back in class, reopening businesses, and continuing to provide vaccines and PPE.

For more than a quarter of a century, Mike Dillender served the nation in the U.S. Navy – protecting and defending our Constitution throughout the world. As our Delegate, Mike will lead with the core values that were instilled within him throughout his naval career – Honor, Courage and Commitment. Mike will represent the entire district, rather than only the select few. As a
very successful military leader, business leader, and church leader, Mike has exceptional senior executive skill sets to best represent the interests of District 76 in Richmond. As a highly engaged and dynamic leader, Mike excels in communication skills and will always be very responsive to his constituents’s concerns and issues.