It is my distinct privilege to endorse my friend, Mike Dillender for House of Delegates in Virginia’s 84th legislative district. As the former governor of this great Commonwealth, I understand the type of character and integrity needed to be a leader in Richmond. A retired Navy Captain, Mike is a dedicated public servant who has served, and continues to serve, his community and his country honorably. With control of the General Assembly on the line, Virginia’s 84th district is critical to maintaining and expanding Republican control of the legislature. We need a battle tested leader who will not back down from a fight to win this seat; for the sake of our Commonwealth.

When I look at the issues facing our Commonwealth, I see the need for someone who will always stand up for what is right. With radical curriculum and indoctrination in our schools, we need someone who has been on the front lines fighting to protect the rights of parents, students, and families. As a member of the StoneBridge School Board of Directors, Mike serves as a voice for education, not indoctrination. A man of faith who is active in his church, Mike is a defender of life and sacred traditions that make this Commonwealth the foundation of religious liberty in this country. With his small business experience, Mike understands what it takes to make Main Street thrive by gutting government regulation and unleashing the free market. From Franklin to Suffolk to the shores of the James River, Mike will be a fighter for all who call Hampton Roads home.

I am proud to endorse my friend Mike Dillender for Virginia’s 84th Delegate District. He is the right person for this job.

Jim Gilmore, Fmr Governor of Virginia