Suffolk, VA – Today, Mike Dillender received the endorsement of Liberty University professor and Constitutional Law attorney Johnny Davis, and his wife, World Championship Athlete and Gold Medalist, Suziann Reid Davis. Mike Dillender is the Republican frontrunner in Virginia’s 84th Legislative District; a key district Republicans seek to flip.

“I am proud to endorse Mike Dillender for Delegate,” said Johnny Davis. “Mike is a retired Navy Captain with business experience. His leadership style and background make him the ideal candidate to flip the 84th district and maintain Republican control in the House. Mike is a fighter and defender of our Constitutional rights, and he always has the interest of his community at heart.”

“Mike’s sacrifice and service to our country are the qualities we need in Richmond,” said Suziann Reid Davis. “As a World Champion athlete, I understand the discipline needed to accomplish goals and overcome adversity. Mike has the discipline and integrity that we need in Richmond to protect our Commonwealth from government regulation, and malicious actors infringing on our rights. Mike is the majority maker, and he is the best candidate to expand the Republican majority.”

“I am honored to have the support of Johnny and Suziann,” said Mike Dillender. “Johnny and Suzianne are the embodiment of the American dream. I am proud to earn the endorsement of a renowned Constitutional lawyer and World Champion athlete. Our Commonwealth needs a leader who will stand up for what is right and always defend the values that make Virginia home.”